Tropical Fish

What Fish Should You Choose For Your Aquarium?

Ah, tropical fish!

It's a wonderful feeling to have your aquarium set up...just watching them glide up and down...soooo relaxing.

Just like this one on

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But wait on a minute!

There's one universal rule in life which also definitely applies to the world of tropical aquariums and the keeping of fish.

And that rule is???

"You must give before you get"

Don't forget, your fish are living creatures that can only survive and thrive in an ecosystem of distinct tolerances.


Well, because your tropical fish live in an unnatural (though beautiful) environment, you need to keep your eye on things such as water temperature, pH value and the like.

Being a relatively small, rather enclosed environment, the probability of something going awry is high.

Don't worry, it's quite manageable, it's just that your aquarium takes a bit of watching at first until you get used to the maintenance idea.

It's like saving money. At first it hurts a little then you don't even notice it and before long...your blood pressure is headin' south and you're lovin' it!

If you look at the Navigation Bar on the left you'll see where the related pages are for the keeping of your tropicals, gold fish, saltwater etc.

But you definitely must read..."Aquarium Set-Up" as it explains, in step by step fashion, what I've just been talking about.

For the rest of this page I'll suggest specific pages for fish that you might want to keep in your aquarium.

These pages will give you the "low-down" on their characteristics, charms and what you'll need to do to care for them. I'll even suggest what aquarium fish are suited in a community tank.

Just like in human life, we don't always get on with everyone all the time. Indeed, you've probably had a boss or workmate you've wanted to stalk and eat too!

No? Sorry, it must just be me :))

Well, fish are the same. There are times you DEFINITELY need to research what fish go together in your aquarium.

Many types of fish are stressed easily and if you've got a 'tank bully' then they're going to be 'stressed to the max', as they say. 

So, do a little research and you'll have a nice calm tank and the little fishes will thank you too! :)

More Tropical Fish Info...

Anyhow, here are some tropical fish you might consider keeping in your own personal aquarium (and keep your eye on this page because I intend to update it regularly)...


Bala Sharks

Clown Loaches

Tiger Barbs


Silver Dollar


For more information on tropical fish click here...


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