Comet Gold Fish

Great as Pond Fish or Inside Aquarium

The comet gold fish is quite similar to the common gold fish but differs in the fact it can grow quite big and its fins are approximately twice the size of common gold fish.

Due to this fact they make really good pond fish rather than inside in a small aquarium though they can be kept there successfully as well.

Indeed, the comet can grow up to 12 inches on average so you can see the need for space in the pond or aquarium.

Also, being very hardy, they can deal with low winter-type temperatures that a lot of the other gold fish don’t seem to deal with too well...

Comet Gold Fish

Comet Gold Fish

Comet Gold Fish Sidebar – Did You Know?

This fish is the only type of gold fish that originated in the United States of America.

With long fins, a sleek body and beautiful gold/orange coloration, the comet is an attractive pet for the beginner or the seasoned aquarium keeper alike.

And, as mentioned, because it is very hardy and will eat almost anything with little trouble or effect, beginners seem to have more success with these gold fish than most other exotic types.

The comet will eat flake food, pellets, and vegetable matter like lettuce, cucumber etc, frozen or live foods and even algae that is growing on the pond wall!

This is a good thing if you don’t want to add chemicals into the water to treat the overgrowth of algae.

Look at these lovely comets on a little video...

The trouble with comets is not only do they grow big but they are also fast and ravenous.

This means if you keep other fish in the aquarium or pond with them they will get little food unless you’re conscious of how you feed your fish.

It is probably best to keep comets together rather than with the slower gold fish types like ryukin or lionheads.

Comets can have variations in their color such as a lighter orange approaching yellow, silvery or even a metallic color.

They can also have a mixture of these which give them a "blotched" or "variegated" appearance.

Comet Gold Fish Ideal Conditions

Tank: Outside pond or large inside aquarium

Water temperature: 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Ph: Ranges between 7.0 and 7.5

Feeding: Feed once per day. Enough food to be consumed in five minutes. Flake and live foods (see above)

Water Change: Once every two weeks at least, 30% at a time.

Filtration: Good Filtration system & plenty of swimming room

Breeding: Egg Layer

You can see more about the comet gold fish and others here...

I hope this page has been of use to you!

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